KJ Email Templates & Sticky Situations Solutions Guide


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Ever get emails that make you cringe and then you spend hours fretting over crafting the perfect response? I’m giving you my exact words to use when you find yourself struggling to respond!

There are TONS of photographers who WASTE WAY TOO MUCH TIME responding to potential clients and trying to perfectly word every line of EVERY email!!! And then heaven forbid they receive what I like to call a “sticky situation” email in the inbox and it takes DAYS to figure out how to craft a well-thought out response!

No WONDER you’re a slave to your inbox!!! Well… I have good news! You need HELP! And I’m going to give it to you! The reality is, 80% of your emails could be templates!!

I’m so excited to share 15 Email Templates with you AND as a BONUS, the brand new Sticky Situations Solutions Guide!!  Because you have a life to live outside of your inbox!!

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