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From photographing gorgeous, crisp ring shots to dealing with tall and tiny clients, these 12 mini-guides cover our most-asked about topics!!!  Each mini-guide is an 6-10 page downloadable PDF and is $12.99 each.

All Digital Downloadable Products are non-refundable.

  • Photographing the Ceremony : Great for beginners who are in their first wedding season or hope to be soon! Learn what lenses to use for the ceremony, must have shot list, and breakdown of how we shoot each part of the ceremony from processional to recessional.
  • Executing a First Look: You have to know what you’re doing in order to make their First Look experience a success. Learn how to find locations, how to prep the Bride + Groom, how to shoot as the a main or second shooter, and two ways to setup!
  • Off Camera Flash Basics : In this mini-Guide you’ll learn: how to develop your own OCF technique, why placement matters, why + how to use ratios, what equipment you’ll need to get started with OCF.
  • 15 Minute Bridal Party Portraits: All you need, to take 15 minute Bridal Party Portraits, is a system and some confidence! Learn how to gently command authority, our posing systems for full group shots, bridesmaids + groomsmen, our roles as a main or second shooter.
  • The Posing Evolution :  Our approach to posing in a nutshell! You’ll learn our 4 CORE poses, the 3 P’s of Posing, how to add variety to every shoot!
  • Shooting Details : I explain how I shoot Bridal Details with “Connection Elements” to ensure beautiful and cohesive album designs after the wedding! I also teach how to create non-distracting backgrounds!

  • Photographing the Tall & Tiny : There are so many little tips and tricks to make your couple feel comfortable and natural despite their differing heights! You’ll learn how to use Certain Poses to Distract from the Height difference, how to make your client’s feel comfortable and natural!
  • Mastering Ring Shots : Learn how to focus + create sharp ring shots with any ring, how to arrange and setup ring shots in unique ways, and how to expose properly while avoiding glare!
  • Creating Foregrounds : There are certain tricks you can try while shooting that will make your work look more advanced, artistic and well composed! One of those tricks has to do with creating foregrounds!  Learn steps to creating foregrounds, equipment to use and how to frame!
  • 10 Ways to Shoot in Harsh Light : One of our most commonly asked questions is “How do you still maintain your style while shooting in harsh lighting?!”. I’m sharing how to find natural reflectors, best angles for minimizing over-exposure, how to shoot portraits mid-day, how to create even light!
  • Solutions for Shooting the Dress :  It has taken me nearly a decade to confidently master the dress shot no matter the circumstances! Learn three rules of thumb for all Dress Shots, how to pick locations, and 10 tips & tricks for amazing dress shots!
  • Selecting & Shooting in Shade : This guide focuses on shooting in SHADE and how I maintain my consistent coloring despite the change of lighting. Learn the difference between good and bad shade, how to avoid color casts, how t to determine in you need shade or not.

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