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• Why Blogging Produces Loyal Clients & How to Get Started :  Did you know that  successful online marketers are very aware that blogging isn’t dead despite what some are preaching? In this module, specialist Davey & Krista Jones share info on how to get a blog started and I share EVERYTHING I know about how to make your blog a booking generator for your business.

• How to Win your Clients Over Through Writing : Most people don’t blog because they say they can’t WRITE! That’s an easy fix! I’ll teach how your writing can be more laid back, your approach can be more personal and how what you SAY can actually make more impact than what you SHOW!

• Katelyn’s Blog Writing Template & Workflow : The hard part of blogging is actually  making it happen! We’re all capable of doing it but it’s the TIME that makes it seem impossible! I’ll help you learn what to write, how to create a speedy workflow that is realistic and how to make each post market for you!

• Using Blogging to Build your Tribe & Transform your Editing Workflow! : Believe it or not, I  deliver wedding galleries in 7 days and I blog weddings in 48 hours! This is ALL because of our blogging commitment and workflow.  I’ll teach you how to replicate my system so that you can be done with work by Tuesday evening each week after wedding and portrait weekends!


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