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• My Streamlined System of Client Surprises : We have well-planned, perfectly timed surprises for our clients (many that don’t cost a dime!). We also know that an annual in-person client event is pivotal to forming extra-strong communities within your client base! I’m give you access to all of our systems for surprises as well as helping you find a unique & personal way to unite your community within your budget range!

• Access to Our “Initial Inquiry” Email Template that Prevents Ghosting Tired of never hearing back? I get it. That is so frustrating! Our template can help and it’s included in the KJ Business Collection! It’s the perfect mix of personal, professional and pro-active!

• Access to All of the 10 Phases of the KJ Bride Experience : Great experiences come from organized systems and intentional workflows that are both easily repeatable and purposeful. KJ Business Collection students get access to all of this behind the scenes information that has made every phase of the KJ Bride experience exceptional while also receiving instructions on how to replicate it for their own clients!

 Find out how much of your work you need to give away! :  That’s right! I doubled my income when I started outsourcing and I’m going to help you do the same. We’ll start little by little and then build up to being fully outsourced & set free to grow!


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