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• The Do’s and Don’t’s of Vendor Networking : There are brilliant things to try in Networking and there are also ways to network that will produce negative results long term. In this module, I’ll share practical ways to network in a healthy and effective way that won’t  come off  as “over-the-top” or fake to other vendors and venues.

• The Power of Bursting Out of Your Bubble : Genuine Friendships Lead to Trustworthy Referrals : If you’re an introvert, this part of the module was specifically created with you in mind. In this section, I share how networking doesn’t have to be intimidating and if done well, this part of your business can actually produce the most referral results and also give you the most genuine friendships you have in the industry!

• How to Build Your Reputation IN-PERSON, PRE & POST-EVENT & BEYOND THE EVENT : In this module I list out all of the ways I recommend that photographers make an impact with other vendors while they are working together, before and immediately after working together  and then beyond the event itself!

• Booking through Planners, Venues, Vendors & Past Clients : The truth is, it’s hard to break through the pre-existing cliques in the photo industry, isn’t it? I get it. I have experienced that! However, I have also learned how to work around this issue and find my place in the industry and I can help you do the same!


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