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• Fixing the Battle Between “Maintaining vs Growing” Tasks : If you spend all of your time editing, doing emails & maintaining social media, you will never grow. I know that’s harsh, but it’s just reality! We have to break through this never-ending, dead-end cycle and this module will help you learn how!

 Post-Processing & Booking Workflows + Software We Can’t Live Without : We can’t maintain our organized office life without several tools of the trade! Learn how we book our clients online, manage our client’s information, payments, questionnaires, & invoices, and how we track our own client booking stats plus monitor our workflow progress for each shoot.

• Learn My Systems for TEN Different Aspects of My Office Life : If there is more than one step to something, I have a system. My business is  organized in a way that I could hand off any part of it and someone else could replicate my tasks! This module will help you learn how to do the same!

 Find Your Individual Productivity Style and Your Bottlenecks in Your Business : You’re not going to get stuff done like the girl down the street or on your instagram scroll. You need to find what actually works for you and OWN it! I’m a mixture of pen/paper  and online checklists but Michael is the COMPLETE opposite! Also find the parts of your office life that are getting in the way of your growth and need to  be overhauled!


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