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• Breaking through the Barriers of Personal Sharing 99% of the time, our students see 4x the engagement on their personal posts… but how do you know what to share?! I’ll  teach you my boundaries, my purpose, and my system for personal sharing.

• Stop Wasting Time on Instagram & Facebook (& Start Making Money) : It sounds harsh, but your social media time may be killing your business instead of growing it. In this module, I’ll share proven ways to make social media truly  an effective and vital part of your brand instead of a source of comparison that cripples your confidence.

• Create a Realistic Social Media Plan that is actually Attainable & Not Overwhelming 
Let’s be honest, most social media courses present unrealistic advice for how to run social media. In this module, I have a system to help you create your own plan based  off of three different factors that are unique  to you.

 Utilizing Standard Instagram Posting & Instastories in your Business :  SPOILER ALERT! I don’t think you should use every single social media platform! I think it’s more effective to  use one platform and take advantage of all that it has to offer! For me, it’s Instagram and I’m sharing how you can use every part of this platform in a strategic & effective way!


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