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• Determining Your Income Goal & If You Have a Technical Pricing Issue or a Confidence Issue! : Without a goal, you have no way to cap bookings, pursue more bookings, fight to raise prices or measure if you’re satisfied with your success! You also need to determine what kind of  pricing problems you’re having in order to know how to move forward in this area of your business! This module will help you determine where you are and discover how to take healthy next-steps!

• Determining What You’re Worth & Why : Who is telling you what to charge? What is determining your starting price? What is making you feel justified in the pricing you currently have? These are the questions I’m helping you work through in this module. You may be pleasantly surprised to find out that you are long overdue for a price raise!

• 4 Dimensions of Value vs. THE DEAD ZONE : If you want answers on why you’re in a booking  slump, this is the module that will make it clear.  You’re either lacking in a dimension  of  value in a significant way or you’re in the DEAD ZONE which is both encouraging and terrifying  at the same time. Don’t know what the Dead Zone is in pricing? Then you are desperate need of this pricing module!

• Our Simplified Pricing System for Weddings, Destination Work, and Family & Friends Gain access to our proven pricing structure that hasn’t changed in over 8 years because of its effectiveness and ease in the booking process!


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