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• Design Education to Help Enhance Both Young and Experienced Brands : If you’re not ready to pay for a big brand overhaul, no problem! You may not need to anyway! I teach  tips and techniques to makeover your visual brand without hiring a designer! My background is in graphic design and so this module is my personal favorite!  If you have a professionally designed brand, this module will help push you to adjust and tweak it to the next level!

• Worksheet: Find Clarity Instead of Confusion When Defining Your Ideal Client : In this module, I walk you through a process for defining  your ideal client. And yes, it’s more than just “where would your ideal client shop!”. That doesn’t REALLY get to the heart of who your ideal client is. This worksheet challenges you to find your ideal client’s qualities & turn it into descriptors to use in your website design.

• “Must Have Branding Elements” and “Hot Mess” Checklists : These checklists determine if you need to eliminate or add brand elements while also giving you a good understanding of the health of  your brand overall!

• Website Critiques: Learn From Real Life Examples From Fellow Students : I take real-life websites and teach through changes and adjustments that I would suggest these photographers make based on the education I’m sharing in this  module!


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