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Consistency Course Jumpstart


About This Item

Not sure if the Consistency Course is right for you? Why not try out a few lessons first with this Jumpstart which allows you access to a few key lessons for a minimal price.

  • Introduction and Prep
  • The Develop Module Breakdown : How-to Guide for Lightroom’s Develop Module–plus a cheat sheet of my favorite tabs–so you know my 7 go-to tools and sliders … and how local adjustments in moderation are the key to staying out of Photoshop.
  • The KJ Edit : My Favorite Editing Secret–that allows me to maintain consistency in my work, so you can start producing images that look like you from ring to reception.
  • The POP Workshop: get ready to download the same image that I’ll walk you through editing, so we can give it a whirl in tandem, and really dig into how to make your images pop … without making them dark.
  • The 3 Ways to Notice Heaviness: a mini checklist you can pocket and reference as you edit, to make sure that your editing is on par with the caliber of your work as a whole, and one image in particular doesn’t stick out as shadowy.
  • Specific Problems – Correcting Skintones : White balance certainly has it’s time and place, but what about creating consistency across faces? This is my favorite thing to teach my one-on-one coaching clients, and I’ll show you How to Use Split Toning, too! I’ll also be giving you Split Toning Cheat Sheet so you know the magic wand edits to bring to life greyish skin tones, weird green hues and blueish tones in your images.
  • 4 Pack of my Lightroom Presets
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