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KJ 4 Course Bundle

Bundle all 4 of our technical courses and save! Regularly $2,388 for all four bought individually. Take your shooting, posing, editing and composition to the next level!

One-time Payment $2200
Payment PLan $550 / 4 months

Inside the bundle:

KJ LIGHTING & LOCATION COURSE: Are you ready to CONFIDENTLY find amazing natural light and great locations at every single shoot?! Learn how to take ANY location and find light that brings life to your images and confident to your shooting!

KJ POSING COURSE: Wouldn’t it be nice to NEVER have AWKWARD POSES again? Stop doubting your professional ability and start creating an incredible client experience at every single shoot by learning my Posing Evolution System and the secret to creating raving clients!

KJ CONSISTENCY COURSE: Is INCONSISTENCY in your BUSINESS stealing your LIFE? The KJ Consistency Course will not only bring consistency to your editing but it will also teach you how to curate your work so that you have consistency in your style overall!

KJ COMPOSITION COURSE: Will empower you to create the polished, scroll-stopping images that you desire. Lighting, posing and editing are necessary but mastering composition is what makes an image just a basic snapshot and turns it into a captivating work of art! If you’re tired of “normal” and are ready to access the “Next Level”, this course was designed for you! 

The most popular, most transformational KJ Course of them all! Learn how to find great light in any location no matter how challenging!

Create clients who can't help but rave about how you made them feel in front of your camera!

A 4-step educational preset process that will make Lightroom seem like a friend instead of a constant frustation.

The only thing you'll need as a beginner to kick start your photography journey.

If you're a visual learner, this real-life, behind the scenes training was created just for you!

The course that teaches photographers how to master Lightroom, find their unique style and transform their workflow!

KJ All Access

Sharpen your skills and learn from behind-the-scenes!

KJ consistency course

Bring consistency to your editing & style

KJ Lighting & Location course

Find light in any location & bring life to your images

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