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Shooting-Guide Bundle

From photographing gorgeous, crisp ring shots to dealing with tall & tiny clients, these 12 shooting-guides cover our most-asked about topics! Each shooting-guide is an 6-10 page PDF. These are great entry level resources for photographers who may not be quite ready for a large-scale course!

In this bundle you will get a shooting-guide on each of the following topics: The Posing Evolution, Creating Foregrounds, Mastering Ring Shots, Shooting in Harsh Light, Photographing The Tall and The Tiny, Shooting in Shade, Shooting the Dress, Shooting Details, How to Photograph the Ceremony, Off-Camera Flash Basics, How to Execute a First Look, and 15 Minute Bridal Party Portraits!

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Exactly what you get:

⟶ Photographing the Ceremony
⟶ Executing the First Look
⟶ Off Camera Flash Basics
⟶ 15 Minute Bridal Party Portraits
⟶ Basics of the Posing Evolution
⟶ Basics of Shooting Details
⟶ Photographing the Tall + Tiny
⟶ Mastering Ring Shots
⟶ Creating Foregrounds
⟶ 10 Ways to Shoot in Harsh Light
⟶ Solutions for Shooting the Dress
⟶ Selecting and Shooting in Shade

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