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Preset Bundle (Preset Process and Black &White Preset Pack Bundle)

Presets are not one size fits all… and they never can be! Say goodbye to one-click presets that leave you feeling more frustrated than when you started editing! With the KJ Preset Process learn how to make presets work for YOU and your images!

And up your Black & White game! The KJ Black and White Preset Pack empowers photographers to quickly and consistently find the Black and White that their unique image needs and then provides quick refinements to perfect the edit!

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requires Lightroom 7.3 or newer

If you're a visual learner, this real-life, behind the scenes training was created just for you!

Create clients who can't help but rave about how you made them feel in front of your camera!

A 4-step educational preset process that will make Lightroom seem like a friend instead of a constant frustation.

The only thing you'll need as a beginner to kick start your photography journey.

The most popular, most transformational KJ Course of them all! Learn how to find great light in any location no matter how challenging!

The course that teaches photographers how to master Lightroom, find their unique style and trasnform their workflow!

If you're tired of drowning in the behind the scenes of your business, you can experience true change.


Learn from watching Katelyn in action!

KJ consistency course

Bring consistency to your editing & style

KJ Lighting & Location course

Find light in any location & bring life to your images

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