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Black & White Preset Pack

Most photographers spend so much time and attention to detail on their COLOR edits but their Black and White edits suffer. True Black and White edits need more attention than just simply reducing the saturation slider or clicking the “Black and White” option in lightroom! The KJ Black and White Preset Pack empowers photographers to quickly and consistently find the Black and White that their unique image needs and then provides quick refinements to perfect the edit! Users simply select the most fitting B&W BASE and then use any of the 10 REFINEMENT options to get the final look that they love! This preset pack will not only speed up your Black and White editing but it will also give you great guardrails to help you maintain consistency! 

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requires Lightroom 7.3 or newer

ever wondered why some

Well, here are some quick guidelines to follow when you’re trying to decide if an image would make a great Black and White edit or not! :


1. Would the EMOTION in this image be more prominent without color? If yes, then it may be a perfect candidate for a B&W edit!

2. Does this image have DISTRACTING COLORS that devalue your work? 

3. Will this image work TECHNICALLY as a black and white? Does it have a very complex and busy background? If so, even if the first two rules apply, it still may need to remain in color because when a busy image is stripped of its color, it gets even more visually complicated!

If you struggle to get POP and a beautiful contrast in your Black and White edits, I have a solution for you! 

I noticed when I was manually editing my own Black and Whites that I was repeating a lot of the same patterns over and over again to get my images to look how I wanted! 

When I realized I had patterns of editing, I decided to create a preset system that would make my black and white editing FASTER and even more consistent! 

and others arent?

images are amazing in B&W

8 base presets

10 refinements

The purpose of the 8 BASE presets is to set a foundational B&W edit that fits the look and style that you desire for the photo.
quick refinements to further enhance the edit. Maybe you need to reduce some heaviness. Maybe you need to save the highlights a bit. Maybe you need to add a little more pop!


when you realize you hit the jackpot!

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Preset Bundle (Preset Process and Black &White Preset Pack Bundle)

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